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Procurement leaders like you understand the value that your teams can bring to the organization. You understand that a $1 spend reduction translates directly to either $1 of profit or $1 of reinvestment. The challenge is that the procurement savings are often discounted because they can be difficult to see in the yearend financial reports or worse the business doesn’t always seem interested in boosting profits and sees procurement as an obstacle to getting the products and services they want. It becomes an unnecessary turf war.

I’ll work with you to help make your teams impact visible in real time so you don’t have to wait until the financial close when everyone is focused on next year. And work with the business to solidify procurement’s role as a resource for the business. So they want to work with you… not against you. This is the key to breaking into those departments where procurement has traditionally met resistance.

Procurement Done Right. gets you a seat at the strategic leadership table and makes a real impact on the trajectory of your company’s growth… The alternative of course is procurement being seen as a necessary cost center and an obstacle the business must go over, around or through.


3 Steps to Working with Me

Step 1. Discuss your Problem

No consultant or solution is right for every problem, including me. We need to start by scheduling a 30-45 minute call for you to share your problems and challenges. This will help me decide if I can help and if our timelines line up.

Step 2. Determine the Right Solution

Regardless if I can help or not, I will be happy to help you identify the right solution and provide you guidance to get you started… free of charge. I want to help you surpass your goals whether or not I’m the solution.

Step 3. Get to Work

We can’t solve your problem if you don’t act. Feel free to send me a message or call me today to get the process rolling.

  • Ron was my team All-Star who I would go to first to solve some of my team’s more challenging client issues. He was always willing to take on the extra assignment and delivered great results in a professional consulting manner.

    Darin Chambers
  • Ron would be one of the first people I’d call to ensure that I obtained world-class results.

    Edoardo Vignani
  • Ron was a great resource for us as he was able to share a lot of insight and techniques that can assist someone in sourcing when the materials and information available is not at your fingertips!

    Brenda Greinke

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